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Week Four with Liquid Slate

Half way through the project, the teams had to produce a “PechaKucha” presentation of 10 slides, lasting 20 seconds each, and with a 30 second video to round it off.

I was ‘observing’ team Liquid Slate this week, in which I was mostly collating feedback that the professional panel, made up of academics and our industry liaisons, gave the team after their presentation.

Liquid Slate chose to focus on digital marketing, offering up key buzzwords like ‘gamification’, ‘documenting’, and ‘challenges’. Their basic idea was to use the ubiquitous smart phone’s innate technical capabilities to capture information about the customer’s adventure and allow them to easily remember that day and share it with others.

Alongside this, they wish to feature a loyalty/rewards system that gives users a digital currency to use for discounts, free beverages, etc. at the various adventure sites around North Wales.

One of the key aspects was their desire to use NFC, or near-field communication, tags which could easily integrate with an app, developed for Android and potentially iOS, to allow tourists to start and stop a particular walk and have the information recorded easily and without hassle for the user.


So, thinking of the feedback that the panel gave the team then, we can see that Zip World’s representative was very interested in the idea of gamification and it was something that they’d already tried to think about.

He pointed out that an app that can be started before the actual journey began, to get kids excited, or give people information before they arrived, was a major selling point.

One of Zip World’s biggest issues right now are wait times when customers are waiting for their turn at a zipline. The downtime means that people are reaching for their phones, but instead of doing something related to Zip World, they’re scrolling through Facebook or Snapchat.

They’re definitely interested in mobile tech.

At the end of the session, the teams were asked to present questions to the panel to see what the reps had to say. Liquid Slate asked to what degree the companies were interested in developing the level of infrastructure that a product such as theirs would require.

The answer was basically to look at ROI, or return on investment. If you have an app that costs £15,000 to produce, and it took two years to see a significant return on their investment, they’d perhaps not want it. But if their return was a few months, and it adds value to the company in some way, they’d be more inclined.

Overall, I think it’s fair to say that many of the groups had little idea going into this presentation this week of their actual product, service, or campaign that they wanted to sell to the companies, but Liquid Slate had an idea and just need to think now how that idea might intersect with what’s already available in the area.

Week 4 – Presentations with Cyflym

Cyflym’s presentation had a focus on the subject of wellness in North Wales. Their user persona was a 25 year old accountant named Jimmy who was visiting Zipworld and Ribride, and the presentation covered the activities he could do in between over a few day trip. Based on his interests of wellness, hiking, and photography, Jimmy’s journey was plotted for him to visit Snowdon, Betws y Coed, Llandudno, Conwy, Bangor, and Menai Bridge.

There were some great examples, but there wasn’t much information about a specific product or service. The team did, however, mention that they were looking into the importance of social media and potentially developing an app. Their video reflected this, with an interesting Instagram feature and strong narrative of a journey around North Wales.

The panel did question the team’s name of Cyflym, the Welsh word for fast. The narrative depicted was quite laid back and not reflective of the name, however, the team said that though the journey may be slow in pace, it can be fast as it’s done in a relatively short amount of time.

Overall the team have some good ideas, and it will be interesting to see what product or service they develop in the coming weeks.