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Trex packing a punch

This was the wee, the week which the group cemented their ideas and grew it in preparation of next week is the market! This week they were shadowing work by Austin Valar Business model canvas.
This will get the students to develop on the feasibility, viability and desirability of their idea. The main concept of this week was for them to operate as if they are start-up. To think about the next steps of development therefore their homework this week was a SWOT analysis (Strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) and a business concept statement.

This team was one down, but they didn’t let that stop them from developing their project.
They have a fantastic long-term vision but struggled to ground it in the first steps, but by the end of the evening they had a clear first few baby steps. To help them do this they worked through this, they used the SWOT analysis to evaluate their future idea and see how they could counter out this idea in the development.
Their idea is to use a system like google cardboard around North Wales, when you scale back this idea to the first steps they have the great initiative to use it alongside the aspect in north wales, to have dragons at points in the environment that people cross. People will download the app when they visit one of the attractions in zip word and rib ride.
This will initially be an app with augmented reality and then to further with the progression to go into google cardboard. They want to one fix the problem of people but aware of a lot of attractions around North wales so choose not to stay there. This app will add value to both companies as it will enhance the experience of say traveling from ziplines to zipline or wait for the rib ride.
The problems to work out was narrowing down their great ideas and focusing on a problem. But their ideas were rich and unique, and I saw a lot of passion from this group. They also had a good idea and experiance in the way they want to present, ( which i wont give away) so i cant wait to see what they can getthere hands on in the market.