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Amser mynd yn cyflyn! Week 3 in the EBD process!

“A dot is a point, but if you connect two dots together, you have a line, a journey, a story” – Andy Goodman, 2018

Time flies when you’re innovating at the Enterprise by Design camp. It is now week 3 and the teams have been kept busy. Last week, everyone had introductory presentations to the two partnered companies of this year’s EBD, ZipWorld and RibRide, and asked to create an digital adventure map of all the local assets in the North West Wales area.

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The Cyfyln team discussing Week 3’s activity. Owned by Dan Lane Photography

This week’s main focus is on wellness tourism. Wellness has been a hot trending topic in recent years, with everyone already breaking their New Year resolutions and trying to manage the tedious mundanity of our everyday going-to-work-and-stress-eating-chocolate lives. Subsequently, there has been a significant drive and personal focus on improving and maintaining physical and mental health and well-being, whether in the office or outdoors. In fact, when asked in a recent SRI international survey, many of the participants reported that they like to “take a vacation, an adventure” as one of the top five ways to enhance their personal well-being. With this in mind, there is a growing segment of travellers and a tourism industry dedicated to enhancing wellness. This is the sector that North Wales wants to be infamous for in the next few years, and the topic that is centred for this week’s task.


For the first task, the teams were asked to combine their user personas and digital maps created in the past two weeks to develop 8 consumer scenarios, two per persona. Specifically, each group has to analyse their persona’s demographics and psychographics (interests, hobbies, personality traits) and plot a journey they would take on their adventure maps throughout North Wales. This was to explore and identify potential barriers or gaps that the tourist may experience on their journey and any other experiences/attractions that they could be interested in, which may in the future be targeted and notified by iBeacon technology whilst in the physical environment. After 30 mind-boggling minutes, each team were asked to narrow down to just solely one consumer scenario which will represent their inspired idea for the next phase; a 30-second video.


After a much needed cupcake and tea break, the next part of the night was to dive deeper into their scenario to create a storyboard for a 30-second video, due for next week’s EBD session. The video doesn’t have to be of grammy award-winning potential, but to simply illustrate and communicate their team’s idea of a new experience or intervention to enhance their consumer’s journey. However, in the midst of all the creativity, RibRibe informed all the teams that they were all invited for a quick, yet fast, experience on a RibRide next Wednesday, to gather new experiences to transfer to the project.