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Week 4 – Sales in Wales

The team presented very well, despite being a member down. The focus on wellness was clear, highlighting a need for rewarding people who have overcome a fear. Building on the identified possibility with a solid product offing is the next step for team Sales in Wales.

Feedback from the judging panel was positive. With agreement that the start point was unique and had a lot of potential. However there was a lack of clear product/ service offer, this is something that will be needed by the final pitch. Positive comments were focussed on   the range of users, and the different challenges being faced by each group. Also using North Wales as a region that can be visited to face fears and develop personally.

So to recap, the presentation was good, a little more flow will come with practice. The video worked well to portray the problem. More focus on a specific product/ service is needed, which will come from the excellent starting point that has been found.

Sales wales wellness week

Week Three

B-enterprise came as fast as usual and this time it gave the team the opportunity to start to focus on the job at hand. The current adventure tourism market is centred around high adrenaline experiences however this needs to be re-positioned to become part of the wellness industry. This is important as the region can have a greater impact on the lives of the local people.

The Task !

The groups integrated the last two weeks homework to form narratives of user experiences. For last week’s homework they had to design a map which showed all highlighted region assets. Below is the teams ‘Sales in wales’ adventure map.

Task one

They paired this with their personnas from week one to create two unique narratives. Theses narratives showed how the users would travel to and from Zip line and Rip ride. They then had to add new assets into the narratives, the new assets should fill in a hole in services or the market.

The aim was that this new service woudl reinforce wellness behaviour and change which the users will link to the experiance of North Wales. Below is Xiae Xi artistic work on the users’ profile.

Task Two

The team then had to create a storyboard for their upcoming Crit: opportunity video next week. They were shown the example below from the welsh tourism board on how they could create a scenario in a short video.


Sales wales team!


For the first task the team came up with really good ideas but where very quiet! They individually began to tell their narratives and it was encouraging to see how the other team members listened to each other. However, at the start they couldn’t pinpoint the uniqueness of this region.

A noteworthy train of thought from the group was the spiritual /relaxation side of wellness and how this related to peak adrenaline events such as zip world. This train of thought was carried into their development of their video.

They wanted not just to sell the outdoor activities to tourist but also the indoor attractions such as museums and castles. They identified this as they noticed a gap in the market of potential users of Zip world but thinking there is anything for them in the rest of North Wales.

Many of the second round of narratives involved the idea that people will come back to the area because they recognise and identify it. This is what they want to reinforce the link between the wellness activity and the area to ensure that people can take home a picturesque vision of Bangor.

Copyright – Dan Lane Photography

This teams’ personas ranged from a 14 year old to a Manager of marketing, their diverse personas allowed them to see different segments and this led to the overall view for their video.

They were very interactive for this task, all had ideas and were communicating really well. Their idea is to show people at the start of the activities, nervous or feeling daunted or excited and then showing the contrast of people just finishing the behaviour and then relaxing afterwards, sharing with others.

This shows the full range of wellness opportunities in wales, that the experiences of an event will carry on an be an long lasting benefit.

Their tag line : ‘What fears will you conquer?’


They now how to make their creation alive, the team had the idea of animation which was a flipbook for the presentation. which I am excited to see. They also must create a 10/20/10 pecha kucha presentation showing the situation and the complication in Bangor.