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Week Two with Sales in Wales

This was the second week for us all participating in Enterprise by Design this year, and there was a definite sense that the undergraduate students were happier than last week. Being asked to form a brand new team within half an hour of meeting someone for the first time is daunting for anyone.

But, coming to this session knowing who they’d be working with, the undergraduate population got down to work fairly quickly. Representatives from Zip World and Rib Ride respectively introduced their employers and their background, market power, customer numbers, and future intentions.

Enterprise by Design 2018 is focused on bringing these two companies together in a mutually beneficial way. By bringing undergraduates from five different schools, and in four areas of specialism, this project hopes to bring a breadth of knowledge to bear on the problem given by the companies’ brief.

This week, the students were asked to map out the services, infrastructure, and ‘assets’ of the local area, focusing in particular on the corridor between Menai Bridge and Bethesda; the main hubs for Rib Ride and Zip World, respectively.

I was working with Bethan, Chloe, Tomos, and Xi Xiao (who in week 3 decided upon team Sales in Wales), and I found that they were bogged down by certain things mentioned in the brief as pointers; the geography of the locations and not their quality as assets, in particular.

This isn’t much their fault, as they were all unsure of the area in question and hadn’t much experience in this narrow corridor of Gwynedd that we were discussing. With the help of Google Maps, they were better able to place these assets on their own map.

In future, it might be more beneficial for the group to focus on non-physical importance of assets too. A stronger instinct to search online for a broad overview of something they aren’t sure about may be beneficial, as well.

In terms of the work the group produced in the week leading up to Tuesday’s session, the group had three different (one team member only joined this week) personas that they will be able to merge with this week’s task in order to better identify places where gaps in the North Wales “adventure map” exist and what they might do to solve those gaps.