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Week Six with And The Winner Is…

By Jove, I think they’ve got it!

It’s week 6, so you’d hope that the teams have indeed by now reached a point where they could point directly at something and say, “We’re doing this, and this is how we’re going to present it to the judges in two weeks’ time”.

But before I get into the undergraduates and how they’re getting on, a note about the pre-event meeting.

In the post-graduate meeting, Andy posed a question to the business PhDs, asking whether what Enterprise by Design is doing is ‘Action Research’.

Action Research, whilst not quite a methodology, is more of an approach to research which solves problems through active inquiry, balancing problem solving with data-driven collaborative analysis or research.

Whilst I hadn’t come across this term before, it’s an interesting idea and something that we do touch on in Creative Studies. It focuses on having multi-disciplinary teams solve problems, rather than coming at them with a single mind set.

Enterprise by Design definitely gives these teams a focus, and a problem to solve. One of the business PhDs said she thought the students here didn’t have enough of a say in the process in order to call it Action Research; but what it does do if give them the idea that multiple disciplines are even necessary.

If the undergraduate teams take anything away from this process, and I think that they probably will, I hope it’s the idea that their sole area of expertise isn’t the be-all-end-all.

I was working with And The Winner Is… today, and I must say that I do like their team name. Positive reinforcement is always good. Straight out of the gate, the team had already narrowed down their four ideas from last week into one.

Alongside narrowing that idea down, they had a good idea of what they needed to do to solve the problems the SWOT analysis might show (having a head-start on getting their homework done by starting during our time).

Not only did the team have a great handle on what they were doing, they were so focused and asking great questions, I forgot to take a picture for this week to accompany the post.

As long as they keep focusing on bringing everything they’ve already done together to create the final presentation, it seems like they’re going to be fine.