Only 2 weeks to go!

This week I floated in between different teams as there was one facilitator too many. Whilst I didn’t get the chance to focus exclusively on one team, this provided me with the opportunity to see and compare how different teams were progressing. This week teams were asked to bring their estimations with them. This gave [...]

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Week 5, Liquid Slate

For Enterprise by Design this week, the main focus has been on location, location and location, except with Andy Goodman hosting the episode. Specifically, this session was about identifying broad numbers of location-based technology that are currently used within society, i.e. Bluetooth, iBeacon, GPS, Near Field Communication and many more, and combine these technologies with [...]

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Week Six with And The Winner Is…

By Jove, I think they’ve got it! It’s week 6, so you’d hope that the teams have indeed by now reached a point where they could point directly at something and say, “We’re doing this, and this is how we’re going to present it to the judges in two weeks’ time”. But before I get [...]

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Week Five: Everything begins with an IDEA!

In Week five, teams were first asked to think about eight location-based technologies and discuss with each other regarding the implications of that technology such as GPS, GIS, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc. Then they were asked to understand the seven wellness dimensions including emotional, intellectual, physical, social, environmental, financial and spiritual dimensions. The next and the [...]

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Fifth Week – Made in Wales

Something new was presented this week in the way of location technology. Teams were introduced to various ways technologies and then came out with example of their own. They were also shown the dimensions of wellness, from the spiritual to the physical. It all fitted in with the activity at hand which was idea generation. [...]

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Its all about location, location.

This week the groups were focusing on location-based technology! This included technology such as ibeacon, GPS and even Bluetooth. They work today was again the accumulation of previous weeks where the following elements were considered; Users/ environment / scenario/ technology/ competition/ aesthetics. After they undertook a mix-and-match activity they were then explained how to make [...]

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Week 5- Idea generation

This week the focus was idea generation. We put pressure on the students to produce ideas fast, focusing on quality not quantity. This week there was a focus on integrating location based technologies into the possible solutions. These situations took one of the team's contexts, personas a location based technology (for example GPS, iBeacons, or [...]

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CYFLUM: Finding Eureka

Come up with 3 creative ideas in 15 mins! How? Why 3? Which of the personas? These were some of the questions Cyflum team members asked me last week. My response to them was to repeat what Andy had said, at this point, don’t think so much about quality, focus on the quantity of ideas [...]

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Ideation with the USS Enterprise by Design

This week I worked with the team, USS Enterprise by Design. A major task for today was developing as many ideas as possible, with an emphasis on quantity, not quality. Andy inspired us to forge through with ideas of potentially questionable quality with the quote “if you feel like you're in control, you're not going [...]

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What exists is valuable

This  Idea Generation Week, has much fun, as each team is required to create 24 ideas, based on all of the assignments of previous weeks, i.e. persona, scenarios, context and location based technology. Each team experienced two-round brainstorms, creating 24 ideas in the end. During this around 30 mins, even if members were only required to [...]

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