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There are three ways for you to access project files:

  1. Google Drive App: Use this is approach if you would like to access and modify files on your PC, as part of your established workflow. Synchronise the content with any device, using the Google Drive Application (Win, Mac, Android, Chrome, iOS).
  2. Google Drive Web: Use this approach if you would rather not have additional files on your PC and would like to access and modify files through a browser using G Suite: Drive, Docs, Sheets. Login using your <firstname.familyname>@enterprisebydesign.ac.uk and corresponding password.
  3. Access the content directly through enterprisebydesign.ac.uk/members site: simply navigate to the folder you would like to used, then drag and drop from your desktop. If you would like to understand more, please see the video below.

For more information, watch the following video.