Where is the solution, where is the value…

Last week 11 teams presented their ideas and received immediate feedback from our judge panel composed of the representatives from Zip World and Rib Ride. It is a good learning and sharing between our participants and the companies. Teams identified current problems, such as the transportation, accommodation and also potential value behind which in North Wales tourism industry, such as corporation with local business, social media selling, etc. So far, each team has got several valuable ideas in their mind. However, find out the solution for the current problems or to realize the potential value into tangible asset becomes the first hurdle before forming into a specific product. A feasible and efficient solution would not only capitalize the product but also reduce the cost while adding extra value into the product itself. Yes, budget is one of the main criteria which would constrain how far this product will go. However, thinking about the underlying idea of BASE, i.e. Business, Art, Psychology and Engineering, there are plenty of work could be done to build up a final product.


Learning how to evaluate the current ideas on hand from various perspectives would add more extra value into the product. Meanwhile, stand on the side of the companies, what they have already got, what else could be improved and promoted for the existings, what kind of product they are looking for, why they would like to buy into this product, how much benefits they could earn from this product… From both sides to evaluate the ideas, it would help you to narrow down and identify which one is the best focused.


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