What exists is valuable

This  Idea Generation Week, has much fun, as each team is required to create 24 ideas, based on all of the assignments of previous weeks, i.e. persona, scenarios, context and location based technology. Each team experienced two-round brainstorms, creating 24 ideas in the end. During this around 30 mins, even if members were only required to create rather than to evaluate the ideas, however, this evaluation process still ongoing while they writing down the paper. Some critical words popped up very often when they shared their thoughts, such as “making non-sense”, “naive”, “stupid”, etc. I believe, each member should have much more ideas than what they have written down, which means, many ideas have been killed in their mind, by their own evaluation process. It is understandable, as each team is ambitious that they seek for the perfect one, in order to win the prize in the end. However, Hegel’s “What exists is reasonable” link to the business running, what exists is valuable, even if they look like very irrational. When I gave an example for the template of ideas by randomly mixing up 4 elements I tried to force them to make it “rational” while creating some connection among the 4 elements, they actually made it. Some ideas might be far-fetched, but we cannot deny, they are still have potentials to be reasonable and  create value in future, as these ideas might just need more conditions/elements to make it reasonable.

Location based technology, more lean to engineering. Students from other backgrounds found a bit difficult to understand the rationale behind these technology, thereby feel much more constrained when they combine it with other 3 elements. On the other hand, these students have more opportunities of jumping out of the box, discovering other potentials behind these ideas. Sharing here therefore is essential, facilitators encourage members to speak out their thoughts, no matter if it is “stupid”, enabling these thoughts circulate within the group very well.





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