Week Four- Presentations


During the session four, teams had a chance to present their works to the audience and get feedback from them. Their 10 20 30 pecha kucha PowerPoint presentations included 10 slides and they needed to spend the 20s on each slide and then they had 30s video. All the teams presented their works except one team who marked as absent.

In my opinion, all the teams had been working hard on the subject and each team had interesting ideas and suggestions for the Zipworld and Ribride companies.

Benchwarmers were one of the teams that presented their work by clearly identifying the gaps in the areas in North Wales. They introduced the phrase #StepOutside and believed that people need to go outside for having an adventure and the wellness. They mentioned that the main gap was the difficulty to find a direct transportation and accommodation between Zip World and Rib Ride. They introduced four phases to deal with the mentioned problems and the gaps. Each phase covered different aspects of distributing information, creating a mindfulness Centre for wellbeing, accommodation, key locations, transport locations, Social media. They also explained that their idea was based on the point of view that people are not going to have an adventure for just one day, they might consider spending much more time in North Wales and considering all the aspects such as accommodation and transportation would be important.

However, I think they can start thinking about offering a unique activity that leads to wellness by providing more detailed ideas about the specific products or services based on the gaps and the issues that they have identified.

Regarding the presentation, I can say that time management was really good. However, they could have started with quickly introducing themselves. Overall they were well-organized and well-structured.


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