Week 7- Its not about the money- or is it?

During EbD the teams have been collecting creative currency, for attendance and homework. At the end they had a possible maximum of 400, as each member got ten for attendance each week and ten for doing homework tasks. However the teams were at a loss about how the currency would be used, and what it meant when they had it. In the meeting before the session the facilitators discussed how the currency could be used earlier on to give the students a greater idea of the value. We discussed if the teams could see their balance every week, or if they had to report it themselves would this influence their motivation. One thing everyone agreed on was that currency shouldn’t replace the intrinsic motivation for completing the work over the weeks.

This week the teams used their currency to buy resources for their final presentations. They were able to buy screens, projectors or posters to enhance their exhibition space for after the presentations for the judges’ question time. The teams were also able to buy expert knowledge to add to, and refine their ideas. I encouraged this weeks’ team to think of their ideas and any specific questions they needed answering, what they could do themselves and what they needed help with. After deciding which slots they needed they developed their questions, before they went down to the consultancy. When they came back they did have more questions than they started with, however these were questions they hadn’t been in a position to ask before so they did feel more confident.

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