Week 6, the end is nigh whilst innovation is a high

Six weeks ago, the Enterprise by Design process began for 2018. Now, there is only one week left until the main presentations! Time flies when you are innovating.

Everyone has been wearing their creative caps for the most part of the process, but now it is time for direction and focus. This week is all about being decisive and to have a consensus as a team for one idea and really push down with it, shape and mould it and present it for next week. And what a selection of choices that Team Fortnite have!

Innovation as a concept relies on the possibility for constant developing progress and staying away from any ceiling effects. With this in mind, there can never be a perfect idea or product, but only ideas that have potential by being highly feasible to create, desirable within the market and viable regarding a healthy investment return. Without these attributes, there would be no innovation but only another idea. That is why it is critical for every team to highlight and clearly communicate these attributes in their final presentations in the next few weeks, and why it was notably important this week to have the opportunity to spend extra time conducting action research and discussing as a group on their own ideas. This session time is so useful to truly understand beyond the face value of the idea and to dwell into the nooks and crannies of how the idea or even prototype is going to thrive and survive amongst the mess of every other team.

It is also important to acknowledge that Enterprise by Design is a vulnerable process and is significantly useful to anyone with their future if it is done with maximal intent and effort. This process is the first real step into how many real-world problems are and should be solved; through the perspective and cooperation of multiple fields and experts. Within academia, there is a reductionist approach towards focusing on the technicalities of ones own field that we tend to forget there is more to a situation than one single angle. Having the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience within the teams, it allows the opportunity for everyone to be highly critical and have valuable insight of how successful their idea can be and what they need to do to achieve that success. This brings on to next week’s session, as each team over the process has collected their own account of creative currency, which will be used as spending money for an array of resources and expertise; to build upon and receive constructive feedback on their current ideas or to help communicate and sell these precious ideas in the final presentations.

Lastly, one really critical piece of advice would be that “a complex problem doesn’t always need a complex solution, and sometimes the simplest┬áprevails amongst the clutter”



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