Week 5, Liquid Slate

For Enterprise by Design this week, the main focus has been on location, location and location, except with Andy Goodman hosting the episode. Specifically, this session was about identifying broad numbers of location-based technology that are currently used within society, i.e. Bluetooth, iBeacon, GPS, Near Field Communication and many more, and combine these technologies with previous week’s work, the four user personas, adventure asset map and wellness tourism, to create 24 different and introspective scenarios per team through 2 rounds. Fortunately, Liquid Slate managed to do over 36, respectively.

These scenarios created are essentially randomly assigned components that may have some degree of congruence between them all or not, but ultimately are acting as constraints to really focus down and create potential ideas for each niche scenario. This activity was all about quantity over quality, to think outside and beyond the mundanity of normative thinking and perspectives. After each team have come up with all of their scenarios, they were asked to narrow down and select four potential ideas and evaluate how feasible, viable and desirable these ideas could be – with the latter being worked out using estimation.

The power of estimation and approximation is of vital importance within modern times for many fields and careers. The basic premise for estimation is to guide towards an answer through a rational series of questions. For this session, estimation was used to understand the target market for each of four potential product/service that they have now narrowed down to. By doing so, this will help the team to reflect upon their ideas and understand more about how viable – is there a potential market gap – or desirable – is there currently a need to be fulfilled? – their ideas are.

Regarding Liquid Slate, it was clear that the team had a lot of creativity and innovation still at bay. There was so many ideas flowing on the table, no matter how random the constraints seemed to be. However, the only criticism or point that I could say is that the unison of all four components of the scenarios was not always fully considered. Nevertheless, with 36 potential ideas, there would be at least one or two hidden golden nuggets amongst the pay dirt.

In sum, I was very happy with the team’s progress within this session and their completed homework. It seems that each team member knew what was expected of them and managed to utilise much of their creativity this week.

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