Week 5- Idea generation

This week the focus was idea generation. We put pressure on the students to produce ideas fast, focusing on quality not quantity. This week there was a focus on integrating location based technologies into the possible solutions. These situations took one of the team’s contexts, personas a location based technology (for example GPS, iBeacons, or Bluetooth) and a wellness factor (intellectual, physical or spiritual wellness). Wellness has been identified as being particularly important for the North Wales tourist offering, therefore the teams solutions will have to have an aspect of wellness. The scenarios had to be generated random to encourage the teams to think outside of their comfort zones. After taking time to make sure the teams understood the many dimensions of wellness, and what these might mean practically the task got started.

The main problem for the team this week was sticking the constraints of each example. They came up with some very innovative ideas, however often these only met three of the constraints. Having gone from focusing on broad ideas to suddenly having rigid criteria to meet was a shock, especially for this team as they have already been considering product ideas quite a lot already. As one member of the team was absent the team didn’t get the full number of ideas the task aimed for, however they still worked through their ideas at a fast rate. The team were also very instant that they didn’t want to come up with bad ideas, which did impact their confidence when discussing them with the rest of the team, however after some reassurance that it was all about quantity, and quality checks would come later, they began to come up with some far- out ideas about how the meet wellness challenges with technologies.

I can say that as the post graduates had a go at generating our own ideas for products before the teams started I am proud of the team for embracing the challenge, despite initial hesitation.

The team were also given an introduction to estimation, which will be a vital skill for the rest of the project (especially the final presentation) and in their future degrees and job interviews.

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