Week 4 – Sales in Wales

The team presented very well, despite being a member down. The focus on wellness was clear, highlighting a need for rewarding people who have overcome a fear. Building on the identified possibility with a solid product offing is the next step for team Sales in Wales.

Feedback from the judging panel was positive. With agreement that the start point was unique and had a lot of potential. However there was a lack of clear product/ service offer, this is something that will be needed by the final pitch. Positive comments were focussed on   the range of users, and the different challenges being faced by each group. Also using North Wales as a region that can be visited to face fears and develop personally.

So to recap, the presentation was good, a little more flow will come with practice. The video worked well to portray the problem. More focus on a specific product/ service is needed, which will come from the excellent starting point that has been found.

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