Week 3- KLLR

This week was building on the previous two weeks work to think about a journey that would be taken by one of their personas across the map they created the week before.  This would help them create scenarios that would inform their product or service design.

This week started off rocky as the team didn’t bring their personas, which slowed up the process of making their journey narratives. The team started with a very good ethos- thinking about an experience in terms of the before during and after. However they had difficulty relating this to the journeys they were creating. To save time they did work on individual journeys for each however they switched the scenarios between themselves so add richness of the full teams ideas.

When the time came to think about the product I could see the panic in their eyes.

Their family scenario seems to be their strongest- this is the one I see the most opportunity in. They are thinking about what families want in terms of pre and post experience. They are also thinking about what families don’t want, a key example for the group was avoiding long travel times.

The main problem with the group was not finding opportunities but seeing their ideas as possible opportunities. Hopefully they are able over the next week to think about these problems as the opportunity for their product or service.

The team were awarded 40 XP for the map homework from Week 2.

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