Week 2-And in First Place

This week the teams were able to understand more about the other stakeholders and companies engaged in the project. Zip World and Rib Ride are two very different adventure tourist attractions in North Wales, in terms of scale however both face similar challenges in terms of branding and challenges in the local area. The task for the groups this week was the take a small section if the North Wales area and consider what attractions and attractors there are within this area.

Initially the group discussed and listed ideas about what in the local area they should put on the map, they considered ideas from many different domains: nature, food, culture and places to stay.

However they did struggle with differentiating the attractions from the attractors. Citing the university as important they pointed out that the university brings in many people from outside the local area, however when considering how this fitted into a tourism map they struggled.

Similarly the group realised that social media would be an important part of increasing awareness of North Wales, however they had difficulty grounding this to a place on the map.

I suggested that now they had decided on the important categories they should think about what unique things North Wales could offer in each of these areas. For example, though Tesco is a source of food for tourists it is not unique to North Wales and may well be a disappointment to tourists. If they couldn’t find anything then I suggested this was a gap to consider later on the project.

This week’s homework was to refine and digitise their map, for last weeks’ homework the team all completed good user profiles, and so were awarded the full 40 XP.

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