USS ENTERPRISE BY DESIGN—Getting ready for the big auction

So it is consultancy week next week and slowly we are getting to the end of EBD where all teams will have to present their big ideas to the judges.

These days the three magical words are:


Feasibility and


Judge’s decisions can often be emotional; therefore one has to do some work to convince the judges about how their innovative idea is viable. This can be done in showing utility and in the appraisal of the estimation. A business concept statement is also very useful is putting an innovative idea forward.

The teams have been asked to select their big idea and do a SWOT analysis. This is expected to inform the decision on how creative currencies will be spent next week.

One big question that Andy asked during the facilitator’s meeting is how the current EBD program is related to action research.

While we agreed that there is some form of action research going on, we also acknowledged the constraints which primarily include limited access to the organisation and limited autonomy on what is to be done and how it is to be done. It is not likely that undergraduate students can carry out a full action research but it is interesting to see them engaging in some form of action research which is a good way to learn above and beyond simply being told what to do.

Tolu Oluwafemi

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