Team Members

  1. Feiyu Ma
  2. Samuel Ashcroft
  3. Katie Handley
  4. Peter Roe
  5. Yesenia Barahona

The session began with the pleasant surprise of an additional team member. Yaaay! The more the merrier! Team members seem to have become good friends and the dynamics of communication appeared to be very good. After the tea break, the first task was given. Undergrads are to design a map and identify key aspects of the local area that could add value to RibRide and Zipworld considering Menai Bridge to Bethesda geographical area.

Team members immediately turned to the creative studies student who laughed and said she didn’t know what to do. Well, all she needed were colored pens and as soon as she got these, she began to draw a map like a pro. It was nice to see the other team members help out by going on google maps on their phones to identify the most relevant places that needed to be included in the map. As the team members realised they had little time left, they took a smart decision to have 2 people draw the map from opposite angles. Smart decision! Quick thinking!

However, choosing a team name was a problem as they didn’t seem to unanimously agree on any name and have selected a temporary name until they can all agree on one.

The team members submitted last week’s assignment for which they have received full CCs. Full points were also awarded for attendance.

It is expected that team members will arrange to meet to complete the assignment.

Tolu Oluwafemi.

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