Team Process-week two

Week two started with the companies’ presentations which are Zipworld and Ribrides. The two local companies introduced themselves to the students, explained their activities, products, services, objectives, and their willingness to expansion.

After the two presentations, team members asked them some interesting questions regarding the safety issues, the products’ details, etc. The team ‘Benchwarmers’ that I was their facilitator, actively participated in the discussion and asked interesting questions.

After a break, the next step was to create a map, and identifying all the physical, cultural, and regional assets, and also the services in the local area of North Wales from Menai Bridge to Bethesda. Then, they needed to identify the gaps and to find out what was missing there. They had to select the 10 most important aspects using stickers.

My team members were Tom Owen, Christons Tsangaris, Aaron Williams and Loizos Vasileou, and the team name is ‘Benchwarmers’. I can honestly say that they were so enthusiastic with lots of great ideas, managed to mapping and gapping in an interesting way. They collaborated well with each other, showed a good level of knowledge and understanding about the task and tried to be creative as, much as they could. The team decided to have meetings before the next Tuesday to work together and to discuss more the mapping and gapping.

Overall, I really enjoyed working with my team. I also believe that this session was really exciting for all the members including the students, facilitators and staff.


Written by Mahshid Bagheri

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