Team Fornite’s opportunity

The opportunity video Week!

This week the groups got to display their understanding and the opportunity for the stakeholders- Zipworld and Rib ride and their peers.

It was an intense presentation style was Pecha Kucha- which is the style where the presentation is automated and is 20 seconds – after the presentation they showed their 45sec video displaying their vision for the place.


Team Fornite!

This week I looked at team Fornite

They presented their persona that they focused on which was a 25-year-old – professional couple who came to the area for a nice weekend away. This couple found adventure tourism activities while they get here. They wanted to promote the fact that everyone could be involved in these activities and that one way that they could is accessibility.

One way to increase accessibility is through addressing the problem highlighted by rib ride that parking is an issue. Team Fornite also highlighted that public transport was underused even when there was a direct route. They think there is an opportunity to find in depth user trip to highlight places which can become symbols.

Their video

They also presented the concept behind their video, they focused on fast paced experiences where tourists packed in the activities in their visit to reflect intense action they could do.

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The feedback for the presentation and video was that they needed to focus on the narrative that they were using – that it fits the audience.

Sam and Mat from rip ride highlighted the focus of public transport and parking problems and how this would be a good issue to focus on. However, this problem does not affect ZipWorld as much, so this would be a highly focused problem – solution.

Phil asked them to look at the complication that if it is transport then they need to look at not just tourist but how this affects this staff and visitors. He also said that they should look at how they could be innovative with the solution for this problem which would be unique to north wales and add value to the companies.

They needed to concentrate on the final objective for a project which they honest with saying that they did not have one because they were concentrated on the problem and the opportunity. Team Fornite said that they had the impression that the presentation was about the video.

The task for next week for the group is to think about at least three concrete proposal that could have the potential of adding value to both companies.

Copyright – Dan Lane Photography

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