Sixth Week – Cyflin

The session this week kicked off with a lecture about how to appeal to people and were shown two systems of approach. System One uses statistics and hard facts to win over the audience. System Two however uses a more emotive approach, appealing and relating to the human nature of the audience. After the lecture and a tea break the structure and time management for the rest of the evening was free allowing the students time to concentrate on whatever aspects they felt important.
I worked with Team Cyflin, the name translates to fast from Welsh, although this week they seemed to be stuck on how to progress their idea forward. They concept they proposed definitely had some grounding but Cyflin lacked any real insight on how the end user experiences the product. I’m not going to give away what they are working on but we stated by talking about the key framework in which to analyse their product: the viability, feasibility and desirability. A discussed brewed about how to present their justification of each element and how it will be best shown in the final presentation. Discussion also extended to the key features of the product, how the intricacies interacts with each other and how their previous work integrates into the system. The team have done excellent to reach this stage and be decisive in what they want to achieve, they can however place a little more thought towards how they make their product attractive the logistics of how each of the elements are implemented. Good luck to Cyflin in the penultimate week, spend your currency wisely!

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