Only 2 weeks to go!

This week I floated in between different teams as there was one facilitator too many. Whilst I didn’t get the chance to focus exclusively on one team, this provided me with the opportunity to see and compare how different teams were progressing.

This week teams were asked to bring their estimations with them. This gave them a good opportunity to discuss, review and critically evaluate their estimations with the facilitators. Unfortunately, 2 teams that I spoke with were lacking team members so as a result I couldn’t discuss estimations of market size with these teams. I strongly recommend that these teams have a meeting soon in order to calculate these estimations as this will prove to be a valuable asset in the final pitch.

Teams were also asked to  critically review their final 4 ideas and choose one which they believe to be the strongest. Whilst some teams were very clear about their final choice, there were other teams that struggled to do this. My advice to these teams that are struggling to choose a final idea would be to have another meeting and score each idea out of 10. Once you have done this you need to consider 3 further key elements to your idea. That being, desirability, viability and feasibility.

With only 2 weeks to go it’s vital that all teams imagine themselves presenting in front of the judges. It’s time to produce, plan and commit to this presentation.

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