Oh, we’re halfway there…Enterprise by Design Week 4

We’re at the halfway point here at Enterprise by Design!

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With just four more weeks to go, students are beginning to take some of their bigger ideas, and hone them down in to tangible ones. Eleven teams of four presented this Tuesday night, with presentations that could win them the £5,000  prize, and the possibility to work with Rib Ride or Zip World on the product in the future. 

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This week is a bit different than the ones before, the students are the ones presenting this time. With Zip World and Rib Ride sitting at the front of the room at a judging panel table, the students have only 3 and a half minutes per team to present their best plans for tourism in North Wales.

After Zip World and Rib Ride’s impressive new product launch last week of the fastest Rib (rigid inflatable boat) in the world, the teams will have their work cut out for them to impress the companies with fresh and innovative ideas, that could potentially bring in a large amount of tourism to ride the new attraction.

The teams have to present in a unique style, called PechaKucha, which gives them only 10 slides to present their ideas, and with only 20 seconds per slide. Students have to beat the clock to finish their presentations before their videos begin, which follow directly after their precisely timed slides. With a 30 second video to convey their message, teams were encouraged to create a clip that gives the judges a gist about the overall branding they are trying to convey about wellness and adventure tourism in North Wales, and perhaps even present the first glimpses of their product designs.

Given videos like these from Visit Wales, students were prompted to create short videos that could attract visitors and also appeal to their wants and needs in a tourism location.

Round One of PechaKucha Presentations

With chicken and ham pie in their bellies, the first six teams presented their ideas. The teams had an array of directions that the companies could go in with their presentations, with ideas such as appealing to thrill seekers in advertising, marketing North Wales as an experience, and creating slogans such as “Find Your Balance” to appeal to Wellness seekers.

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Teams identified current problems in the North Wales tourism industry, such as a strong lack of transport for overseas visitors from one attraction to the next, and came up with ideas such as frequent bus shuttles or cable cars to improve the issue. Teams in round one also came up with more focused ideas for attracting more tourists, such as bungee jumping off the Menai Bridge, and trying to get more visitors from Holyhead Port who might come for day trips or cruise ships passing by.

All in all, the first teams were looking at a wide range of ways to link experiences and attractions together to create a wellness tourism environment in North Wales, and hopefully as the next few weeks wrap up, they will form more concrete ideas of how to execute that into a business plan.

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 Round Two of PechaKucha Presentations

The next six groups presented, with a wide variety of ideas as well, focusing on everything from social media, to creating wellness hubs all around North Wales. Some groups suggested apps that would help visitors find things like restaurants and lodging, while others suggested creating ways for people to share videos, links and photos of their time in North Wales to an all inclusive online site for adventure tourism.

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A couple of teams suggested bundle tours to visitors, such as having wellness hot spots around the area that people could visit, as well as a larger wellness centre filled with info that could be unique in North Wales for the movement of wellness tourism. Another team suggested bundle tours for university students, giving them options to do adventure activities in North Wales on a budget.

A few teams came up with clever hashtags, such as #HaveAWalesOfATime and #CaptureCymru, and #StepOutside as well as coming up with marketing ideas to present North Wales as a place for once in a lifetime adventure, and appealing to potential tourists to face their adventure fears in doing things like Rib Ride and Zip World.

Next Week’s Assignment

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With all the presentations over, and the team’s nerves calmed a bit, they were given next week’s task, to come up with a solid viable product. Things are starting to get down to the wire for these teams, but with good feedback, and the possibility of a big prize, many teams are putting their best foot forward, and it’s anyone’s game at this point!

Check back with us next week to see what the teams have come up with!

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