My Voyage with the USS Enterprise by Design

The essential starting relationship between Zip World and adventure Rib Ride is Velocity Zip Wire and Velocity Boats. The brief for teams is to come up with a product, service, an extension to an experience which further makes the relationship between Zip World and Rib Rides thrive. The key is to create something that clearly enhances this relationship using a multidisciplinary approach.

Last week teams were given 30 minutes to draw a map of the Menai Bridge area towards Bethesda and identify 20-30 physical cultural services and affordances associated with that region which might compliment the experience between Zip World and Adventure Rib Rides. Teams noted key assets such as Snowdonia, Victorian era hotel in Beaumaris, local markets, art stalls, bird watching and wildlife sanctuaries.

Digital map of key assets – USS Enterprise By Design

This week I worked with a team called the USS Enterprise By Design. The task involved creating a planned route from Rib Rides to Zip World using the personas they had created previously. This challenged the team to think about what kinds of activities and experiences each persona would hope to gain from visiting North Wales. The team mapped out different routes according to each personas’ preference.

The next challenge was to think about how each activity can improve wellness. The team discussed the theme of wellness in relation to assets that are historical, educational and spiritual. Further on the team started to plan a video clip which would consist of key assets in North Wales associated around Zip World and Rib Rides. I strongly encourage USS Enterprise By Design to ensure that they discuss the theme of wellness in relation to outdoor activities and the environment in order to ensure that this theme and relationship is communicated clearly and effectively with a target audience in mind. Lastly it would be beneficial to think of several ways that technology and social media can help enhance this experience.

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