Innavoteam + FAST Track Feedback Week 4


Teams presentation showed that they identified some key lacking areas within Gwynedd such as lack of transport, diversity in restaurants, attractions and accommodation. They aim to solve these issues with an interconnected app (function unclear), hostels and encouraging local firms to provide shuttlebus services and a bungy jump as there is only one other place in the uk that has one which relates well to the speed theme of the two companies. Sorry to disappoint but there are several however it seems quite hard to find one in wales.

Currently there is a lot of ideas floating around so now it is important to narrow down on the complications and them making sure that there is a clear defined way of these business connecting to it. There were many great ideas but the team needs to think about what might have the biggest impact! Is there a way of linking to the wellness agenda maybe a good place to start is by defining wellness? This might be of use?

Transport issue really stood out to zip world but it’s hard to influence providers. Is there a way to influence them and get them to buy in to what you decide for the final presentation?

Overall well presented.


Fast track

Teams presentation focused on students as Students don’t only come to universities for academics but budget is a major issue for them meaning that they expect more from what they spend and tend to be stressed so they presentation had an emphasis on getting outside and helping improve stress levels. But how can this have related to the two companies.

The team Spoke a lot about making things for free and low cost but how are they going to benefit from that the two companies need to make money. Sometime should be spent in to thinking how as a business can they attract students.

Special student weekend package?

What is your product what are you going to sell?

You must consider return investment.

The companies will only invest if it adds value to their respective businesses.

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