In a perspective of Wellness…

Last workshop moved on to creating scenarios by combining the previous homework on User Personas and the Environment Asset Map. It is not a difficult task for participants to imagine and model the experience of users moving between Zip World and Rib Ride.The group (#”And the winner is”) I facilitated picked up the surfer as their targeted user. We analysed the surfer are supposed to have strong personality, such as risk-seeking, high in self-esteem and potential needs, such as more outdoor activities, and diet and healthy food, etc. However, when we started creating the scenario, they are quite confused about the concept of wellness, though it has been introduced in the slides at the very beginning. We went back to the slides and tried to understand the different dimensions centred on wellness.  We further identified the potential value in terms of mind, soul, body, spirit, of which the surfer might be looking for during the journey.

Through this task, we realized, link the wellness to the business would add extra value on the relationship between Zip World and Rib Ride. This is kind of value for Enterprise by Design, helping shape our business ideas and allow us to learn advanced on-the-job skills before diving in headfirst.

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