Fifth Week – Made in Wales

Something new was presented this week in the way of location technology. Teams were introduced to various ways technologies and then came out with example of their own. They were also shown the dimensions of wellness, from the spiritual to the physical. It all fitted in with the activity at hand which was idea generation. Teams had to quick fire ideas using the work they had produced from the previous weeks; a discrete combination of persona, map location, wellness dimension and location technology was chosen by the facilitator as the framework constraining the ideas.
I was paired with Made in Wales and unfortunately half their members were missing leaving only two self-confessed “non creatives”. Even with choosing the personas they were most comfortable with it drew an immediate blank both on their expression and on their papers. The team struggled with just spurting out ideas and running it with it. Coaxing them into a feeling of raw content no matter how incoherent was a challenge, although with a bit of effort they managed to grind out a few whacky but truly unique ideas. The trick for the team will be unite together again and bring each other to the same level of understanding especially around how a mix of flavours can throw up a diverse range of scenarios and ideas. Missing team members is one of the many challenges that occur within group work and hopefully the team can confront and surpass this hurdle.

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