CYFLUM: Finding Eureka

Come up with 3 creative ideas in 15 mins!

How? Why 3? Which of the personas? These were some of the questions Cyflum team members asked me last week. My response to them was to repeat what Andy had said, at this point, don’t think so much about quality, focus on the quantity of ideas and then embellish the ideas later on.

Then I was asked this question “If you were our persona, what would you like?” …Maybe a long walk towards Menai Bridge, listening to some good music using my earphones, saying hi to random people and  having lunch somewhere nice and most likely a weekend or Bank holiday,.

The truth is, we take the ideation phase of creativity too seriously. What then happens is that we scrutinize the process so much and discard these ideas because we don’t believe they would work. It is perhaps better to think about the ideation phase like one who is doing wishful thinking or writing movie scripts.

For all 12 ideas that the members of CYFLUM team have come up this week, I have encouraged them to meet during the weekend, score all ideas and improve on the top 3 ideas. Using FERMI procedures, they must estimate the market, price etc. Ultimately, their creative ideas must be viable, reliable and feasible. Cyflum, y’all think you can do that?


Tolu Oluwafemi

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