And the winner is!

This week all groups had the opportunity to present their ideas in front of an experienced panel. All teams created a presentation with a video at the end. If done well, the video would provide the audience with a conclusive overview of their pitch and ideas.

I thought “And the winner is” presentation was good as they presented all the key concepts needed for this task. They presented the topic professionally and discussed how they would like to target thrill seekers coming to North Wales. They also spoke in detail about how wellness is important regarding its psychological benefits and how it is achieved through participating in outdoor activities.

So what kind of feedback did they receive from the panel? Similar to my view they thought a lot of good concepts were addressed. However, the presentation lacked a specific focus. The panel has advised this team to start thinking about how to link things together in order to create a service that can benefit Zip World and Rib Ride in the region of North Wales. Some teams did have a clearer focus and spoke about how they would like to create an app which provides and enhances the experiences that people have on holiday in North Wales.

When the presentations finished all teams were given 10 minutes to discuss their feedback with a postgraduate facilitator. I sat down with this team and discussed the feedback from the panel with them. All members stated that they were confused about what the presentation was supposed to be about, which is why they didn’t decide to create anything with a clear and specific focus regarding a product or service. Now this team is thinking about creating a website and gamifying activities for thrill seekers coming to Zip World and Rib Ride. They are aiming to create a leader board system where thrill seekers can compete for the best times and earn prizes for coming in first place.

Overall this team is heading in the right direction and they have come up with a lot of good ideas. Now it’s time to focus on one specific idea that they genuinely believe will make a difference.

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