The kick off began with the first main group activity, creating and finding a team; students achieved this by organising themselves into groups of four and building a tetrahedron from triangular cards which represented their own personal discipline. Funnily enough, one team deviated from the norm when constructing the shape; which can only be a benefiting factor when it comes to transdisciplinary teams as it demonstrates a wide thinking base.

The groups next tasks were to choose what is important to a personal profile page, And In First Place initially showed two of the members eager to get stuck in to the task, whilst a few were slightly less enthusiastic. It is common in this situation to feel nervous and unsure of what to say but it is important that any idea no matter how ridiculous should be mentioned as it may cause someone in the team to have an idea or even build on it; all prejudice needs to be put aside in order for this too work.

Towards the end of the session In First Place, started building a Rapport and members became more open and interactive with each other resulting in discussion and development of ideas. In the coming weeks it will be interesting to see how groups will change over the course of EBD.

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