24 Ideas

This week “and the winner is” were asked to discuss location based technology and how it might be applied to some of the assets and scenarios they have been thinking about in previous weeks. The first task was to identify 8 location based technologies. The team listed GPS, WIFI, NFC, GIS, QR Codes, Bluetooth, iBeacon and no-cellular. We discussed how each one works and how they might be implemented through specific applications. Further on the team were challenged with a task to create 24 ideas regarding 4 elements at random, these being, persona, context, technology and a wellness dimension. The team managed this activity really well and ended up with around 22 ideas in total which was good considering the time they had been given to complete the task.

Now it’s up to the team to organise a meeting amongst themselves so that they can choose 4 ideas which stand out. I suggest that they think critically about whether or not each element is being addressed properly. Furthermore it’s vital that the ideas they create are viable. It’s also important that they write an estimation for each idea as this will provide insight on the market for their ideas.  Good luck guys! Ensure that you develop the ideas you have come up with and swap elements around if certain combinations don’t work.

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