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Week two gave the oppotunity for the teams to meet the stakeholders, zip world and rib rides. This was their first opportunity to question the clients and to understand the companies ethos and the future for both.

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Zip world Principles

  • Extraordinary experience
  • Year around experience
  • Unique
  • Constant innovation
  • inclusive

Rib ride focus

  • History of the region
  • Consumer return visit
  • Each skipper provides unique and individual experience

Although both the company sizes and future focus differs, they are very proud to be welsh and want to retain their brand heritage as they expand.


After hearing about the products that zip world and ripride, the students had to make a visuals abstract map of all services/ attractions and most importantly the regional assets in Bangor.

After that was complete they were then given stickers which indicate the most important services. They had to then pick the top ten regional assets.

This activity was a theory of mapping and gapping.The gapping aspect was part of the team’s homework, where they identify any services which are not available or not fully implemented

Team work- Liquid slate

The team;

  • Alex Baines
  • Christopher Smith
  • Samantha Vaughan
  • Vicky Wiglusz

At the start, the team was heavily influenced by the leaflets that were presented on the table i.e. rip ride, adventure map etc. This meant that the ideas which dominated the map were linked to adventure tourism and focused on constructed attractions not on the uniqueness of north wales. Everyone engaged with the activity, even when it was a unique experience for some of the students as they don’t draw in their degrees. This helped the images in the brain storm overlap and flow into each other, meaning the team began identifying how places were linked to each other.


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They then moved on to finding unique sites of interest in the region such as the ‘longest train station’, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, places which tourists would experience in North Wales and nowhere else. There focused became very specific and ‘zoomed-in’ as they stopped seeing how these places were linked.

Focus eventually moved towards general national activities such as sports, yet they remained attentive on what the university has to offer and not on the county itself. However, Liquid slate then started to identify scenic attractors and activities which would increase the numbers of people coming into the area.

As a team they had great communication, but they had no filter as they drew everything they could think of and didn’t take the time to stop to form a plan or to see if each attraction was unique to Wales. This led them to not consider services which are needed for tourism or people in the area, to work on this they should consider their user profiles and what the user would need in an area to come.

But we can all agree 100% that its one of the most abstract team name!

Shannon Roberts

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