Ideation with the USS Enterprise by Design

This week I worked with the team, USS Enterprise by Design.

A major task for today was developing as many ideas as possible, with an emphasis on quantity, not quality. Andy inspired us to forge through with ideas of potentially questionable quality with the quote “if you feel like you’re in control, you’re not going fast enough”. By generating loads of different ideas at a fast pace the team can have more to work with and more ideas to share and develop on.

By randomly selecting a persona, a context, a technology, and a wellness, the team was given a basis on which to develop their idea. We did two rounds of this to give the team different scenarios to work with.

Round one featured Steve, as 42 year old divorcee with two children, at Aber Falls, using infrared and environmental wellness. Round two featured 45 year old Mary, her husband and two children, at Penrhyn Castle, using GPS and intellectual wellness.

After quickly developing as many ideas as possible, we then heard a little about estimation from Iestyn. He explained that the estimate just needs to be plausible, it doesn’t necessarily need to be right.

This brings us to the homework task for this week. The team needs to come to a consensus about which ideas are the top 4 which need to be looked at further. There needs to be a consensus as the collective product relies on the interdisciplinary knowledge of feedback of the team. Taking the four top ideas, each team member needs to estimate the size of the market for the product/service that they are examining. With this information the team can get a better idea about what to do for their final idea.

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