And so it begins- Innovateam

The aim for ELOP is to bring together different disciplines, and in working in multi-disciplinary teams participants can evolve their skills and combat the reductionist approach currently prevalent in higher education. The first week the team got to know each other. The team is made up of a computer scientist, a psychologist, a creative studies student and a business student.

The first week was mainly centred on creating the teams, introducing the concept of ELOP and a short introduction to the brief. The brief is centred on two adventure tourism providers in North Wales and introducing the adventure map, bringing many of the attractions in North Wales together. The teams were created by picking each other based on the boards they designed that showcased their skills and personalities.  The team were sent home with the task of creating persona and deciding what characteristics of these personas would be important when consider how they might use ZipWorld or RibRide.

The team initially seemed bewildered by the whole thing, however once they began to discuss their ideas they began working well as a team. Some are more vocal than others, but as this is the first week as they work closer together the team should be able to balance out and all disciplines can bring their skills to the project.

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