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Week 4, Innovateam!

This was an extraordinary and critical week for the EBD process; the checkpoint week.

Before all the teams cross the finish line in another 4 weeks time, each team had the opportunity to present their current ideas, through a PechaKucha Presentation and a 30-second video, to a judge panel comprised of representatives from RibRide, ZipWorld and other expert guests. Notably, this experience is all about gaining invaluable insight into not only what other teams are thinking about, but to also receive immediate feedback from the companies, which can help boost and prosper their ideas in a more directed, narrow way.

The second team that presented was Innovateam and they certainty had a few brilliant ideas up their sleeve. Ranging from developing new camping accommodation throughout North Wales to highlighting a lack of transport for many popular adventure sites to increasing promotions and interactive signage within Holyhead for all the annual Irish comers.

These ideas were all well-received by the panel, but one consistent point for all the teams was that there was a lack of focus on one, single idea. Throughout the series of presentations, many teams highlighted potential ideas and thoughts that could be implemented, but not many have narrowed down and selected one or two key product/experience ideas, which is going to be naturally the next step for all the teams in the coming weeks. Of course, this checkpoint phase is part of a elongated process over 2 months, and not all the ideas and experiences presented this week are going to be only ideas nor the last ones either. One of the most valuable pieces of advice I could say for all the teams is that success is not final and failure is not the end of the world. To succeed and produce a brilliant final product that may one day become developed, failure and feedback are the two most important steps for this process, and success of receiving positive feedback doesn’t mean you stop thinking, stop innovating; it means you’re on the right step, but you can go further and do better.

Overall, I would emphasise that Innovateam is on the right lines and have some novel ideas. But now with more key insight from the panel and a narrowed and focused mindset for the weeks ahead, it would be useful to develop and analysis your ideas further, to see which ones are feasible from a economic, social or environmental perspective. And finally, sometimes it can be the smallest of changes that can lead to the biggest impacts. Your ideas do not have to be big and experience in nature, just have value and potential.


By Thomas Jones