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Team Fornite’s opportunity

The opportunity video Week!

This week the groups got to display their understanding and the opportunity for the stakeholders- Zipworld and Rib ride and their peers.

It was an intense presentation style was Pecha Kucha- which is the style where the presentation is automated and is 20 seconds – after the presentation they showed their 45sec video displaying their vision for the place.


Team Fornite!

This week I looked at team Fornite

They presented their persona that they focused on which was a 25-year-old – professional couple who came to the area for a nice weekend away. This couple found adventure tourism activities while they get here. They wanted to promote the fact that everyone could be involved in these activities and that one way that they could is accessibility.

One way to increase accessibility is through addressing the problem highlighted by rib ride that parking is an issue. Team Fornite also highlighted that public transport was underused even when there was a direct route. They think there is an opportunity to find in depth user trip to highlight places which can become symbols.

Their video

They also presented the concept behind their video, they focused on fast paced experiences where tourists packed in the activities in their visit to reflect intense action they could do.

Copyright – Dan Lane Photography


The feedback for the presentation and video was that they needed to focus on the narrative that they were using – that it fits the audience.

Sam and Mat from rip ride highlighted the focus of public transport and parking problems and how this would be a good issue to focus on. However, this problem does not affect ZipWorld as much, so this would be a highly focused problem – solution.

Phil asked them to look at the complication that if it is transport then they need to look at not just tourist but how this affects this staff and visitors. He also said that they should look at how they could be innovative with the solution for this problem which would be unique to north wales and add value to the companies.

They needed to concentrate on the final objective for a project which they honest with saying that they did not have one because they were concentrated on the problem and the opportunity. Team Fornite said that they had the impression that the presentation was about the video.

The task for next week for the group is to think about at least three concrete proposal that could have the potential of adding value to both companies.

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Trex packing a punch

This was the wee, the week which the group cemented their ideas and grew it in preparation of next week is the market! This week they were shadowing work by Austin Valar Business model canvas.
This will get the students to develop on the feasibility, viability and desirability of their idea. The main concept of this week was for them to operate as if they are start-up. To think about the next steps of development therefore their homework this week was a SWOT analysis (Strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) and a business concept statement.

This team was one down, but they didn’t let that stop them from developing their project.
They have a fantastic long-term vision but struggled to ground it in the first steps, but by the end of the evening they had a clear first few baby steps. To help them do this they worked through this, they used the SWOT analysis to evaluate their future idea and see how they could counter out this idea in the development.
Their idea is to use a system like google cardboard around North Wales, when you scale back this idea to the first steps they have the great initiative to use it alongside the aspect in north wales, to have dragons at points in the environment that people cross. People will download the app when they visit one of the attractions in zip word and rib ride.
This will initially be an app with augmented reality and then to further with the progression to go into google cardboard. They want to one fix the problem of people but aware of a lot of attractions around North wales so choose not to stay there. This app will add value to both companies as it will enhance the experience of say traveling from ziplines to zipline or wait for the rib ride.
The problems to work out was narrowing down their great ideas and focusing on a problem. But their ideas were rich and unique, and I saw a lot of passion from this group. They also had a good idea and experiance in the way they want to present, ( which i wont give away) so i cant wait to see what they can getthere hands on in the market.

Its all about location, location.

This week the groups were focusing on location-based technology! This included technology such as ibeacon, GPS and even Bluetooth.
They work today was again the accumulation of previous weeks where the following elements were considered; Users/ environment / scenario/ technology/ competition/ aesthetics.
After they undertook a mix-and-match activity they were then explained how to make an approximation of the target market for their product. This was explained as fermi problem or fermi estimation.
The basic premise is to make a series of estimates that yield the correct answer if the estimates are correct, it is used predominantly in engineering and physics to provide a useful check on the results. It provides a reasonable frame of reference which would also be useful in the business world.
When estimating individual terms, fermi argues that you tend to be accurate as underestimates and overestimates cancel each other out, it tends to be a 9-step process. If the team do this, it will help them in their pitch to show how they have reasoned and understood the marketplace.

Okay so on to the team, I was with the Benchwarmers,
Which had loizos Vasileiou, Tom Qwen and Christos Tsangaris , they were a player down because of the flu! Throughout the activity it was clear they were overflowing with ideas however they were uncomfortable when I asked them to think of technology that didn’t immediately stick out to them. They overcame the challenge in innovative ways, we went from an assault course around Bangor to seagulls carrying RFID Radio frequency identification.
I don’t want to give away their best ideas but some included the use of gamification through this technology and ways of getting activities around the areas we highlighted. I think it was good to get them to work individually because as they themselves admitted they work a lot together and bounce ideas off each other. This is amazing an can result to loads of diverse ideas but they tending not to work out feasibility or as indepth as they should be considered. I think it also showed them how to present ideas to each other.
Their homework was to work in four or three ideas and to set up estimations for the target market for each idea.

Sales wales wellness week

Week Three

B-enterprise came as fast as usual and this time it gave the team the opportunity to start to focus on the job at hand. The current adventure tourism market is centred around high adrenaline experiences however this needs to be re-positioned to become part of the wellness industry. This is important as the region can have a greater impact on the lives of the local people.

The Task !

The groups integrated the last two weeks homework to form narratives of user experiences. For last week’s homework they had to design a map which showed all highlighted region assets. Below is the teams ‘Sales in wales’ adventure map.

Task one

They paired this with their personnas from week one to create two unique narratives. Theses narratives showed how the users would travel to and from Zip line and Rip ride. They then had to add new assets into the narratives, the new assets should fill in a hole in services or the market.

The aim was that this new service woudl reinforce wellness behaviour and change which the users will link to the experiance of North Wales. Below is Xiae Xi artistic work on the users’ profile.

Task Two

The team then had to create a storyboard for their upcoming Crit: opportunity video next week. They were shown the example below from the welsh tourism board on how they could create a scenario in a short video.


Sales wales team!


For the first task the team came up with really good ideas but where very quiet! They individually began to tell their narratives and it was encouraging to see how the other team members listened to each other. However, at the start they couldn’t pinpoint the uniqueness of this region.

A noteworthy train of thought from the group was the spiritual /relaxation side of wellness and how this related to peak adrenaline events such as zip world. This train of thought was carried into their development of their video.

They wanted not just to sell the outdoor activities to tourist but also the indoor attractions such as museums and castles. They identified this as they noticed a gap in the market of potential users of Zip world but thinking there is anything for them in the rest of North Wales.

Many of the second round of narratives involved the idea that people will come back to the area because they recognise and identify it. This is what they want to reinforce the link between the wellness activity and the area to ensure that people can take home a picturesque vision of Bangor.

Copyright – Dan Lane Photography

This teams’ personas ranged from a 14 year old to a Manager of marketing, their diverse personas allowed them to see different segments and this led to the overall view for their video.

They were very interactive for this task, all had ideas and were communicating really well. Their idea is to show people at the start of the activities, nervous or feeling daunted or excited and then showing the contrast of people just finishing the behaviour and then relaxing afterwards, sharing with others.

This shows the full range of wellness opportunities in wales, that the experiences of an event will carry on an be an long lasting benefit.

Their tag line : ‘What fears will you conquer?’


They now how to make their creation alive, the team had the idea of animation which was a flipbook for the presentation. which I am excited to see. They also must create a 10/20/10 pecha kucha presentation showing the situation and the complication in Bangor.



Liquid slate.. solid foundations

Week two gave the oppotunity for the teams to meet the stakeholders, zip world and rib rides. This was their first opportunity to question the clients and to understand the companies ethos and the future for both.

Spotlight content!

Zip world Principles

  • Extraordinary experience
  • Year around experience
  • Unique
  • Constant innovation
  • inclusive

Rib ride focus

  • History of the region
  • Consumer return visit
  • Each skipper provides unique and individual experience

Although both the company sizes and future focus differs, they are very proud to be welsh and want to retain their brand heritage as they expand.


After hearing about the products that zip world and ripride, the students had to make a visuals abstract map of all services/ attractions and most importantly the regional assets in Bangor.

After that was complete they were then given stickers which indicate the most important services. They had to then pick the top ten regional assets.

This activity was a theory of mapping and gapping.The gapping aspect was part of the team’s homework, where they identify any services which are not available or not fully implemented

Team work- Liquid slate

The team;

  • Alex Baines
  • Christopher Smith
  • Samantha Vaughan
  • Vicky Wiglusz

At the start, the team was heavily influenced by the leaflets that were presented on the table i.e. rip ride, adventure map etc. This meant that the ideas which dominated the map were linked to adventure tourism and focused on constructed attractions not on the uniqueness of north wales. Everyone engaged with the activity, even when it was a unique experience for some of the students as they don’t draw in their degrees. This helped the images in the brain storm overlap and flow into each other, meaning the team began identifying how places were linked to each other.


Copyright – Dan Lane Photography

They then moved on to finding unique sites of interest in the region such as the ‘longest train station’, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, places which tourists would experience in North Wales and nowhere else. There focused became very specific and ‘zoomed-in’ as they stopped seeing how these places were linked.

Focus eventually moved towards general national activities such as sports, yet they remained attentive on what the university has to offer and not on the county itself. However, Liquid slate then started to identify scenic attractors and activities which would increase the numbers of people coming into the area.

As a team they had great communication, but they had no filter as they drew everything they could think of and didn’t take the time to stop to form a plan or to see if each attraction was unique to Wales. This led them to not consider services which are needed for tourism or people in the area, to work on this they should consider their user profiles and what the user would need in an area to come.

But we can all agree 100% that its one of the most abstract team name!

Shannon Roberts