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Action Research and Made in Wales – Week 6

From the meeting to the innovations workroom: Synthesizing their 4 estimations, 4 creative currency credits, nothing ludicrous. Uses, Environment, Technology. Teams should commit to the presentations, less discussion in this session. Now is the time to shape/ mould and create. Commit to the idea you have been working on. Ask questions; "How might?" and evaluate [...]

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Week 1 – Liquid Slate

Blog for Enterprise by Design 06/02/18 First day of EBD was exciting atmosphere. I recognised my head of department’s enthusiasm for the project and knew that what I was getting into would be worthy of his excitement. When the supervisors were told to challenge teams forming to make sure only the best teams, I was [...]

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Week 4 – TREX (February 20th)

I noticed that the team had well prepared slides, so there was lack of engagement for the first team to present (usually the one to remember) as a result. My feedback to the team My suggestions would be not to read from the notes as much if possible, speak slower, putting emphasis on keywords. Their [...]

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