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Sixth Week – Cyflin

The session this week kicked off with a lecture about how to appeal to people and were shown two systems of approach. System One uses statistics and hard facts to win over the audience. System Two however uses a more emotive approach, appealing and relating to the human nature of the audience. After the lecture [...]

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Fifth Week – Made in Wales

Something new was presented this week in the way of location technology. Teams were introduced to various ways technologies and then came out with example of their own. They were also shown the dimensions of wellness, from the spiritual to the physical. It all fitted in with the activity at hand which was idea generation. [...]

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Enterprise By Design Blog

First week General anticipation and nervous excitement was the order of the day at the top floor of Pontio. After the introduction the initial activity was to sell yourself in order to form a team. Putting your personality and skillset into a tiny whiteboard produced an exuberant array of displays.  After the hustle of forming [...]

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