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The last hurdle!

This week team Innovate took part in the dutch auction. They discussed and weighed up their options regarding which resources/consultant time they wanted to buy. In the end they bought the projector with their creative currency and spent the rest of their money on booked time with the consultants and academics.

After Innovate received their feedback from the consultants they spoke with me about what was on their mind and what course of action needed to be taken. It would seem that this team is worried that their idea might not make a big enough return on investment. This may be a cause for concern as it’s important that both parties receive value out of the product. On the other hand it would seem that the consultants really liked team Innovates idea, therefore this is in their favour.

My advice for Innovate is to ensure that their estimate is reasonable and their idea is kept simple. If they can demonstrate that there is strong interest in this product/service then this will give them a fighting chance of winning. It’s also important that they keep their idea simple and explain to the judges that it is indeed possible to build upon the product in the years to come.

It would seem that the general advice from all academics and consultants is to keep their presentation simple. Keep the judges interest with an engaging presentation and keep your message clear and simple. Practice your presentation and let others watch your video in order to receive feedback. This way you can ensure that you are communicating the right message.

Good luck Innovate!

Only 2 weeks to go!

This week I floated in between different teams as there was one facilitator too many. Whilst I didn’t get the chance to focus exclusively on one team, this provided me with the opportunity to see and compare how different teams were progressing.

This week teams were asked to bring their estimations with them. This gave them a good opportunity to discuss, review and critically evaluate their estimations with the facilitators. Unfortunately, 2 teams that I spoke with were lacking team members so as a result I couldn’t discuss estimations of market size with these teams. I strongly recommend that these teams have a meeting soon in order to calculate these estimations as this will prove to be a valuable asset in the final pitch.

Teams were also asked to  critically review their final 4 ideas and choose one which they believe to be the strongest. Whilst some teams were very clear about their final choice, there were other teams that struggled to do this. My advice to these teams that are struggling to choose a final idea would be to have another meeting and score each idea out of 10. Once you have done this you need to consider 3 further key elements to your idea. That being, desirability, viability and feasibility.

With only 2 weeks to go it’s vital that all teams imagine themselves presenting in front of the judges. It’s time to produce, plan and commit to this presentation.

24 Ideas

This week “and the winner is” were asked to discuss location based technology and how it might be applied to some of the assets and scenarios they have been thinking about in previous weeks. The first task was to identify 8 location based technologies. The team listed GPS, WIFI, NFC, GIS, QR Codes, Bluetooth, iBeacon and no-cellular. We discussed how each one works and how they might be implemented through specific applications. Further on the team were challenged with a task to create 24 ideas regarding 4 elements at random, these being, persona, context, technology and a wellness dimension. The team managed this activity really well and ended up with around 22 ideas in total which was good considering the time they had been given to complete the task.

Now it’s up to the team to organise a meeting amongst themselves so that they can choose 4 ideas which stand out. I suggest that they think critically about whether or not each element is being addressed properly. Furthermore it’s vital that the ideas they create are viable. It’s also important that they write an estimation for each idea as this will provide insight on the market for their ideas.  Good luck guys! Ensure that you develop the ideas you have come up with and swap elements around if certain combinations don’t work.

And the winner is!

This week all groups had the opportunity to present their ideas in front of an experienced panel. All teams created a presentation with a video at the end. If done well, the video would provide the audience with a conclusive overview of their pitch and ideas.

I thought “And the winner is” presentation was good as they presented all the key concepts needed for this task. They presented the topic professionally and discussed how they would like to target thrill seekers coming to North Wales. They also spoke in detail about how wellness is important regarding its psychological benefits and how it is achieved through participating in outdoor activities.

So what kind of feedback did they receive from the panel? Similar to my view they thought a lot of good concepts were addressed. However, the presentation lacked a specific focus. The panel has advised this team to start thinking about how to link things together in order to create a service that can benefit Zip World and Rib Ride in the region of North Wales. Some teams did have a clearer focus and spoke about how they would like to create an app which provides and enhances the experiences that people have on holiday in North Wales.

When the presentations finished all teams were given 10 minutes to discuss their feedback with a postgraduate facilitator. I sat down with this team and discussed the feedback from the panel with them. All members stated that they were confused about what the presentation was supposed to be about, which is why they didn’t decide to create anything with a clear and specific focus regarding a product or service. Now this team is thinking about creating a website and gamifying activities for thrill seekers coming to Zip World and Rib Ride. They are aiming to create a leader board system where thrill seekers can compete for the best times and earn prizes for coming in first place.

Overall this team is heading in the right direction and they have come up with a lot of good ideas. Now it’s time to focus on one specific idea that they genuinely believe will make a difference.

My Voyage with the USS Enterprise by Design

The essential starting relationship between Zip World and adventure Rib Ride is Velocity Zip Wire and Velocity Boats. The brief for teams is to come up with a product, service, an extension to an experience which further makes the relationship between Zip World and Rib Rides thrive. The key is to create something that clearly enhances this relationship using a multidisciplinary approach.

Last week teams were given 30 minutes to draw a map of the Menai Bridge area towards Bethesda and identify 20-30 physical cultural services and affordances associated with that region which might compliment the experience between Zip World and Adventure Rib Rides. Teams noted key assets such as Snowdonia, Victorian era hotel in Beaumaris, local markets, art stalls, bird watching and wildlife sanctuaries.

Digital map of key assets – USS Enterprise By Design

This week I worked with a team called the USS Enterprise By Design. The task involved creating a planned route from Rib Rides to Zip World using the personas they had created previously. This challenged the team to think about what kinds of activities and experiences each persona would hope to gain from visiting North Wales. The team mapped out different routes according to each personas’ preference.

The next challenge was to think about how each activity can improve wellness. The team discussed the theme of wellness in relation to assets that are historical, educational and spiritual. Further on the team started to plan a video clip which would consist of key assets in North Wales associated around Zip World and Rib Rides. I strongly encourage USS Enterprise By Design to ensure that they discuss the theme of wellness in relation to outdoor activities and the environment in order to ensure that this theme and relationship is communicated clearly and effectively with a target audience in mind. Lastly it would be beneficial to think of several ways that technology and social media can help enhance this experience.