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quick vimeo test (ignore this)

A video of a previous EBD programme.

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Enterprise by Design 2018 – Velocity: Adventure Experience

Enterprise by Design 2018 has begun. This year we will be working with two, yes TWO, fantastic companies: Rib Ride and Zip World. Along side exhilerating partners from across the region they are key attractors to Snowdonia, which is developing a reputation as a world leading destination for Adventure Experiences. "North Wales has been named [...]

By | February 5th, 2018|EBD18 Velocity|1 Comment

Unintended consequences of driverless cars

The presentations yesterday were great, though perhaps too based on the present. The following is largely copied from the unintended ways self driving cars will change our world and needs consideration. Driving could become illegal. "Let’s put it bluntly: humans are shitty drivers. The whole idea of giving every adult the right to drive a two-ton [...]

By | November 3rd, 2016|Future Scenarios|1 Comment

Unused first floor: Rates, Rentals and Regulations

A visit to unused spaces on the first floor of buildings on The High Street was a revelation. One space that we viewed had been a retail outlet, but it could no longer be used; literally. The value of premises had been destroyed by removing infrastructure, intentionally making the space unusable. Why? The business rates charged precluded a [...]

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Rest and Recharge

After a hard days work, where will the driverless eTaxi - owned by uber, perhaps - park, get some rest, fill up on electricity? Will they schedule stops for a top-up through out the day? Perhaps. Will they make their way to a purpose built hub? Implicit to the brief, yes; but perhaps not. The [...]

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This is a test by a student

Just to show it working.

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Hirael Bay Development

Proposals that include a development of 'the beach' (Hirael Bay), will want to read the documents in the folder below. Planning permission has already been granted. [google-drive-folder id="0B16r4Rvs9qVZaTBjd0F6MFVnOXM" title="Bay Development Documents"]

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Day 5 (Wed) Coaches Meeting

Coaches work in a self-similar way to Students: we have meetings to develop a consistent understanding of the process we follow, including principles, goals and tasks. The meeting documented below was held between the coaches in Bangor. We reviewed previous deliveries of elop, then focussed on next steps for the delivery in Bangor, i.e.: Place, [...]

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Welcome – Saturday Morning

Welcome to Bangor and elop! Below you will find files from the sessions on Saturday. [google-drive-folder id="0B16r4Rvs9qVZdEZoVlZ5WEpmZmM" title="DAY 1 (Saturday)"]

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Process: elop*8 Fringe Conditions – Queretaro

The video below shows the elop process. It will give you a sense of the steps you will take over the coming week.  

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