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Dutch auction this week

In the business world, available resources are typically limited. Therefore, strategic decisions need to be made on how best to allocate resources to meet the needs of the company and the demands of the customers.

This week, the teams must decide how to spend their creative currencies with the consultants. It will be very obvious which teams have met since the last EBD session and whether the teams are able to prioritise their needs accordingly. How should the teams spend their CCs?

I worked with Daffodil team this week and it was surprising to see that only one team member showed up. He seemed focused and did not look discouraged. I reassured him and he was able to get a slot with the consultant he wanted.

Hopefully some of his team mates return and they are able to give a fantastic presentation next week.

Tolu Oluwafemi

USS ENTERPRISE BY DESIGN—Getting ready for the big auction

So it is consultancy week next week and slowly we are getting to the end of EBD where all teams will have to present their big ideas to the judges.

These days the three magical words are:


Feasibility and


Judge’s decisions can often be emotional; therefore one has to do some work to convince the judges about how their innovative idea is viable. This can be done in showing utility and in the appraisal of the estimation. A business concept statement is also very useful is putting an innovative idea forward.

The teams have been asked to select their big idea and do a SWOT analysis. This is expected to inform the decision on how creative currencies will be spent next week.

One big question that Andy asked during the facilitator’s meeting is how the current EBD program is related to action research.

While we agreed that there is some form of action research going on, we also acknowledged the constraints which primarily include limited access to the organisation and limited autonomy on what is to be done and how it is to be done. It is not likely that undergraduate students can carry out a full action research but it is interesting to see them engaging in some form of action research which is a good way to learn above and beyond simply being told what to do.

Tolu Oluwafemi

CYFLUM: Finding Eureka

Come up with 3 creative ideas in 15 mins!

How? Why 3? Which of the personas? These were some of the questions Cyflum team members asked me last week. My response to them was to repeat what Andy had said, at this point, don’t think so much about quality, focus on the quantity of ideas and then embellish the ideas later on.

Then I was asked this question “If you were our persona, what would you like?” …Maybe a long walk towards Menai Bridge, listening to some good music using my earphones, saying hi to random people and  having lunch somewhere nice and most likely a weekend or Bank holiday,.

The truth is, we take the ideation phase of creativity too seriously. What then happens is that we scrutinize the process so much and discard these ideas because we don’t believe they would work. It is perhaps better to think about the ideation phase like one who is doing wishful thinking or writing movie scripts.

For all 12 ideas that the members of CYFLUM team have come up this week, I have encouraged them to meet during the weekend, score all ideas and improve on the top 3 ideas. Using FERMI procedures, they must estimate the market, price etc. Ultimately, their creative ideas must be viable, reliable and feasible. Cyflum, y’all think you can do that?


Tolu Oluwafemi

Liquid Slate and wellness

People are increasingly and actively pursuing the state of being in good health. These days there are so many health awareness programmes and many companies are finding ways to incorporate health programmes into work life of employees. Indeed testimonies from those who live a healthy life is good encouragement to others. This week in EBD, the big question is “what is the relationship between wellness and adventure?”

The teams are required to work on creating a storyboard, and then create a video playing out scenarios for potential visitors to Ribride and Zipworld. The plot is gradually coming together, from creating personas in week 1 to mapping out places of interest in week 2 and now to creating a video and relating that to wellness. Ideas are turning into action gradually and moreover there will be a visit to Ribride and Zipworld.

What is really important at this time is how the team members work together to put their best ideas forward. The teams have to be strategic in making decisions. Whose scenario will be selected? How many team members will be available for the trip to both companies? How will the team members meet to create a great video? Who will do the presentation for the group?

There is no denying that there is a lot of work to be done, but with every single team member having a positive attitude and willing to work hard, excellence will be achieved.

Tolu Oluwafemi



Team Members

  1. Feiyu Ma
  2. Samuel Ashcroft
  3. Katie Handley
  4. Peter Roe
  5. Yesenia Barahona

The session began with the pleasant surprise of an additional team member. Yaaay! The more the merrier! Team members seem to have become good friends and the dynamics of communication appeared to be very good. After the tea break, the first task was given. Undergrads are to design a map and identify key aspects of the local area that could add value to RibRide and Zipworld considering Menai Bridge to Bethesda geographical area.

Team members immediately turned to the creative studies student who laughed and said she didn’t know what to do. Well, all she needed were colored pens and as soon as she got these, she began to draw a map like a pro. It was nice to see the other team members help out by going on google maps on their phones to identify the most relevant places that needed to be included in the map. As the team members realised they had little time left, they took a smart decision to have 2 people draw the map from opposite angles. Smart decision! Quick thinking!

However, choosing a team name was a problem as they didn’t seem to unanimously agree on any name and have selected a temporary name until they can all agree on one.

The team members submitted last week’s assignment for which they have received full CCs. Full points were also awarded for attendance.

It is expected that team members will arrange to meet to complete the assignment.

Tolu Oluwafemi.