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Week Five: Everything begins with an IDEA!

In Week five, teams were first asked to think about eight location-based technologies and discuss with each other regarding the implications of that technology such as GPS, GIS, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc. Then they were asked to understand the seven wellness dimensions including emotional, intellectual, physical, social, environmental, financial and spiritual dimensions. The next and the [...]

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Week Four- Presentations

  During the session four, teams had a chance to present their works to the audience and get feedback from them. Their 10 20 30 pecha kucha PowerPoint presentations included 10 slides and they needed to spend the 20s on each slide and then they had 30s video. All the teams presented their works except one [...]

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Fast Track Team- Week Three

Team members: Raja Asad, Nathan Biggins, Peter White, Kathryn Mayoh Week three started with the full explanation of the tasks that teams were supposed to do during the session. The students also needed to bring their personas and the maps and we as facilitators were supposed to check them and give them the credit. During the session, students [...]

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Team Process-week two

Week two started with the companies’ presentations which are Zipworld and Ribrides. The two local companies introduced themselves to the students, explained their activities, products, services, objectives, and their willingness to expansion. After the two presentations, team members asked them some interesting questions regarding the safety issues, the products' details, etc. The team ‘Benchwarmers’ that [...]

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