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Week Five: Everything begins with an IDEA!

In Week five, teams were first asked to think about eight location-based technologies and discuss with each other regarding the implications of that technology such as GPS, GIS, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc. Then they were asked to understand the seven wellness dimensions including emotional, intellectual, physical, social, environmental, financial and spiritual dimensions.

The next and the most exciting step was to creating 24 ideas in two rounds (3ideas for each team member per round) based on the identified technologies and the wellness dimensions. And they were also supposed to give each idea a unique name to make it memorable.

I found this session so interesting, as I saw team members were actively generating different ideas and quickly discussing these ideas together. As Linus Pauling says: “The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas”

Then they needed to review all the ideas and choose the top four. Because of the time limitation, teams decided to meet during the week to decide on their top four ideas and they also needed to estimate the market size for these four ideas as a homework.

I suggested them to discuss more their ideas and be more specific in identifying the technology, the wellness dimensions and their story, as they are going to introduce specific and unique products or services for Zip World and Rib Ride. “It is not about ideas, it is about making ideas happen”.

Week Four- Presentations


During the session four, teams had a chance to present their works to the audience and get feedback from them. Their 10 20 30 pecha kucha PowerPoint presentations included 10 slides and they needed to spend the 20s on each slide and then they had 30s video. All the teams presented their works except one team who marked as absent.

In my opinion, all the teams had been working hard on the subject and each team had interesting ideas and suggestions for the Zipworld and Ribride companies.

Benchwarmers were one of the teams that presented their work by clearly identifying the gaps in the areas in North Wales. They introduced the phrase #StepOutside and believed that people need to go outside for having an adventure and the wellness. They mentioned that the main gap was the difficulty to find a direct transportation and accommodation between Zip World and Rib Ride. They introduced four phases to deal with the mentioned problems and the gaps. Each phase covered different aspects of distributing information, creating a mindfulness Centre for wellbeing, accommodation, key locations, transport locations, Social media. They also explained that their idea was based on the point of view that people are not going to have an adventure for just one day, they might consider spending much more time in North Wales and considering all the aspects such as accommodation and transportation would be important.

However, I think they can start thinking about offering a unique activity that leads to wellness by providing more detailed ideas about the specific products or services based on the gaps and the issues that they have identified.

Regarding the presentation, I can say that time management was really good. However, they could have started with quickly introducing themselves. Overall they were well-organized and well-structured.


Fast Track Team- Week Three

Team members: Raja Asad, Nathan Biggins, Peter White, Kathryn Mayoh

Week three started with the full explanation of the tasks that teams were supposed to do during the session. The students also needed to bring their personas and the maps and we as facilitators were supposed to check them and give them the credit.

During the session, students were being asked to combine the personas with the map to build a scenario, a scenario about the wellness.  They needed to consider the personas who were going on a journey between zip world and rib ride (two scenarios for each persona).

My team actively started thinking about the scenario, checking the map and discuss it with each other. First Kathryn who is a psychologist started the conversation by talking about the psychological aspects of wellness in terms of health, food, stress level, etc. Then the others discussed about how adventure in North Wales could be a destination for wellness activities- some unique activities for wellness in North Wales.

The next step was to draw the storyboard telling the story of wellness. Because of the time limitation, they could only generate some ideas and thoughts and they decided to meet again after the session to work together regarding the story board.

Overall, this session was a bit confusing at first for students, however, after thinking about the tasks and discussing them with each other, they managed to understand the way that the scenarios could be written. I enjoyed working with Fast Track group, as they were so active, well-organized and had so many creative ideas.


Written by Mahshid Bagheri


Team Process-week two

Week two started with the companies’ presentations which are Zipworld and Ribrides. The two local companies introduced themselves to the students, explained their activities, products, services, objectives, and their willingness to expansion.

After the two presentations, team members asked them some interesting questions regarding the safety issues, the products’ details, etc. The team ‘Benchwarmers’ that I was their facilitator, actively participated in the discussion and asked interesting questions.

After a break, the next step was to create a map, and identifying all the physical, cultural, and regional assets, and also the services in the local area of North Wales from Menai Bridge to Bethesda. Then, they needed to identify the gaps and to find out what was missing there. They had to select the 10 most important aspects using stickers.

My team members were Tom Owen, Christons Tsangaris, Aaron Williams and Loizos Vasileou, and the team name is ‘Benchwarmers’. I can honestly say that they were so enthusiastic with lots of great ideas, managed to mapping and gapping in an interesting way. They collaborated well with each other, showed a good level of knowledge and understanding about the task and tried to be creative as, much as they could. The team decided to have meetings before the next Tuesday to work together and to discuss more the mapping and gapping.

Overall, I really enjoyed working with my team. I also believe that this session was really exciting for all the members including the students, facilitators and staff.


Written by Mahshid Bagheri