Enterprise by Design gets Physical!

How to improve health and wellbeing using Tourism Activities After a delicious meal of ham and chicken pie, I doubt any of our teams were expecting to get active during week four of Enterprise by Design. However, just a few minutes after starting our weekly session we got to doing burpees, the downward dog yoga [...]

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Week 3- The Memorable Challenge mini blog!

It started with a night of brainstorming... Thinking outside of the box... Week three of Enterprise by Design might be our most exciting yet! After week one of learning about the brief, and last week’s talk on dementia, the teams are ready for some quickfire branstorming sessions called Crazy Eights! Crazy eights is [...]

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Week 2-Understanding Dementia

All About Dementia For week 2 of Enterprise by Design, the newly formed teams got an informative, heartfelt insight into what it's like to live with a condition that affects 850,000 people in the UK: dementia. Our blog post last week talks about this year’s challenge for the teams, developing an idea to make North [...]

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New Year, New Enterprise by Design Teams!

Welcome to Enterprise by Design 2019! If you’re surprised it’s already 2019, we’re right there with you! After a stellar victory for our winning team last April, Enterprise by Design is back for 2019 and we can hardly believe it’s already here! New students across the business, arts, science, and engineering disciplines filled up the [...]

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Week 7- Its not about the money- or is it?

During EbD the teams have been collecting creative currency, for attendance and homework. At the end they had a possible maximum of 400, as each member got ten for attendance each week and ten for doing homework tasks. However the teams were at a loss about how the currency would be used, and what it [...]

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The last hurdle!

This week team Innovate took part in the dutch auction. They discussed and weighed up their options regarding which resources/consultant time they wanted to buy. In the end they bought the projector with their creative currency and spent the rest of their money on booked time with the consultants and academics. After Innovate received their [...]

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Dutch auction this week

In the business world, available resources are typically limited. Therefore, strategic decisions need to be made on how best to allocate resources to meet the needs of the company and the demands of the customers. This week, the teams must decide how to spend their creative currencies with the consultants. It will be very obvious [...]

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Week 7…Auction Night at EBD!

The penultimate week of Enterprise by Design is upon us, and boy has the time flown by! It seems like yesterday when our teams were completing small challenges, learning about tourism in North Wales, and presenting their first attempts at Pechka Kucha presentations! Now, we are just a week away from the final challenge and [...]

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Money is Money

In a conventional view, money is physical and valuable. People use it to get what they want. On the other hand, people learn from that nothing is free. Money is not just narrowly defined as either notes or coins, actually it is kind of tools to measure the value of the goods and service; in [...]

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Consultancy Week: How to Sell the Simplistic Solution to Succeed

Imagine this scenario... You have collected 400 creative points over the course of the process. You now have the opportunity to spend these points on scarce resources and consultancy. But a TV starts off at 400 points, with immense demand. And you need sessions with three different consultants to help provide insight for your team's [...]

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